*By Sheila Kelley*

Welcome to autumn you seductive siren. This month S Factor is exploring the Deep Soulful Siren Erotic Creature Icon.

We are devoting this month to your deep soul. We have all 10 Erotic Creature Icons in our body – core biological emotions that serve the purpose of getting us what we need to survive in life. Check out the icons we’ve met so far in the Blog section of our website and over the next few months we will meet all 10.

**Who is the Deep Soulful Siren?**

She is the Erotic Creature that comes from the core body emotion of sadness – we’re talking about an endless well of emotion, ache, melancholy and yearning, an emotional dark star that draws people in with magnetic force.

**Why do you need her?**

You need to cultivate the Deep Soulful Siren because she is your empath – she can feel everything and is not afraid of dark emotional depths. She builds connection through empathy. She wants to be seen for the depth of her heart, the expanse of her soul and the strength of her devotion. You will not find a more devoted erotic emotional energy in the body. You cannot escape the gravitational pull of a healthy DSS – she makes you feel more seen than you ever have felt in your life.

**How can you find her?**

Start by finding clothing, textures, scents, sounds, songs that bring out your Deep Soulful Siren. The Deep Soulful Siren is all about feeling. Maybe your most sentimental, sweeping house dress from your grandmother brings her out, or that floral scent that takes you back to bittersweet childhood summers from ages ago. Music is another powerful way to access your emotional body and Erotic Creature Icons – start searching for your Deep Soulful Siren song. A song that understands your depth and spans from melancholy to devastating – songs that cry, wail, scream and weep. Watch my video below to hear more about the Deep Soulful Siren and how I am channeling her in my own life. Click the link below to share your Deep Soulful Siren song with me with me in the comments section below the video!


XO Sheila

Watch the Deep Soulful Siren Video