*Hi. I’m a Deep Soulful Siren.*

I smoulder in the depths of my aching heart, feeling everything in the room before I see it. I’m not the least bit interested in small chat – I want to read between the lines to know your deepest desires and most crushing heartbreaks. When you meet me, my penetrating gaze makes you feel like I can see into your soul, like I can see all of your ancient fears, loves and losses. The wisdom in my eyes promises that I can hold and see all of you. I’m authentic and raw, seeking to expose my soul to a worthy partner. I might be unaware or unconcerned with the practical, material world – because I am so consumed by the ecstasy and agony of my emotional experience.

**How Does She Present in the Body?**

She moves steadily, deliberately and magnetically – there is no rush. Her head is lowered with disappointment and she carries herself in a long-strided, sensual walk of longing. Her body swirls and undulates with breath as she exhales hurt. Her movement is about the truth and exposure of her deeply emotional body – there is rawness in her legs, chest, back and neck. She offers herself to the watcher, the world, the chair…

**How Does She Look out in the World?**

Out in the world, the Deep Soulful Siren is raw, authentic and bare. She wears clothing that reveals the truth of her unapologetic depth. Clothing that reveals that she is more than meets the eye – you must go beyond appearances in order to have her. She wears clothing that expresses or reveals her pain… What you see is what you get – she hides nothing, she prettifies nothing.

**Associated Emotions**

Sadness, Ache, Melancholy, Agony, Yearning, Empathy

**Examples of Public Figures**

Kristen Stewart, Jon Snow, Etta James, Romeo + Juliet, Benicio Del Toro, Hozier, Johnny Coltrane, Chelsea Wolfe, Fiona Apple, Damien Rice, Ryan Adams

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