*I’m an Ice Queen.*

I’m that ice-cold diva that saunters into the room dressed impeccably, leaves my sunglasses on and no thank you, does not care for a coffee because I only drink iced earl grey with hemp milk and stevia. Consider yourself lucky if I give you a sideways glance and say hello to you. I exude confidence and superiority – I am the quintessential sexual icon that everybody wants and no one can have. I prefer to remain aloof in my majestic castle. You can try to melt me, but first you have to meet my standards, which are oh so very high. If I’m romantically interested in somebody, I won’t acknowledge their existence – and this likely drives them absolutely mad with desire.

**How Does She Present in the Body?**

She moves with pride, arrogance and ease like a prissy cat lifting her paws disgustedly at the feel of wet grass on her fur. There is an uplift in her face and upper body – as if she is trying to get further and further above everyone in the room. She is always just out of reach. Even if she sits on your lap, she can’t stand you. She likes cocky songs with an air of royalty and music that makes her feel superior.

**How Does She Look out in the World?**

She doesn’t do “normal” – her body demands everything be of the highest quality. She dresses to be “perfect” with not a hair out of place. She likes to feel wealth – she wants to drip in diamonds and rich fabrics. She loves elegant gowns, rich jewels and designer brands. Think crisp, clean and refined clothing that lifts her higher.

**Associated Emotions**

Disgust, Arrogance, Pride, Repulsion, Superiority, Confidence

**Examples of Public Figures**

Angela Bassett, Charlize Theron, Tilda Swinton, Kanye West, Eve, Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, Angelica Houston, Simon Cowell, Nicole Kidman

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