*By Sheila Kelley*

Welcome to July you cool, yummy drink of ice water. This month S Factor is devoted to the

Ice Queen Erotic Creature Icon.

We are devoting this month to the refined, elegant queen inside each woman. We have all 10 Erotic Creature Icons in our body – core biological emotions that serve the purpose of getting us what we need to survive in life. So far we’ve met the Innocent Teaser, the Blissful Pleaser, the Dangerous Challenger and over the next few months we will meet the rest.

Who is the Ice Queen? She is the Erotic Creature that comes from the core body emotion of disgust and arrogance: she is superior, confident, cocky, cool, icy, elegant, refined, aloof….

Why do you need her? The Ice Queen is the ultimate survival icon – she kept the tribe alive; she is that primal body emotion that tells you what not to eat, which berries are poison, who not to reproduce with… She keeps you independent, resilient and protected and deflects and filters out the unfit suitors and influences in your life. She keeps your standards high – for people, clothing, food, etc. because she only accepts the best of the best.

How can you find her? Start by finding clothing, textures, scents, sounds, songs that bring out your Ice Queen. Maybe simply saying “no” to something you don’t want to do will bring her out – the Ice Queen is very good at setting boundaries. Maybe slipping into your finest dress and wearing your biggest luxe hat and sunglasses will bring out your inner queen. How do you dress your Ice Queen? Music is another powerful way to access your emotional body and Erotic Creature Icons – start searching for your Ice Queen song.. A song that makes you feel cool, cocky and superior. Watch my video to hear my Ice Queen story and how I am channeling her in my own life. Share your Ice Queen story with me in the comments section below the video!

With Queenly Elegance,

XO Sheila

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