*Hi! I’m a Joyful Playmate ;D*

Yeehaw! I bounce into the room in a flurry of color and movement and befriend everyone inside. I’m always looking for interaction, a fun conversation, a game or an adventure. I’m an explorer – I’ll talk to anyone in the room and I’m not afraid to dance, sing and get wild! You won’t be bored as long as I’m around. I’ll keep you entertained with my antics. If you’re looking for a friend to join in on a spontaneous camping trip or to try a crazy new restaurant with you – call me. I’ll hop in my bright yellow convertible in my cut off shorts and sunglasses  and hit the road with music blasting. You could say that I’m the life of the party, or more accurately you could say that I am the party!

**How Does She Present in the Body?**

She bounces, buzzes, vibrates and frolics! She has lightness and joviality in her legs and hips and she tosses hair whips for fun. Her feet are lively – there is a jaunt to her walk. Her body is gleeful – she rolls and pounces like a puppy. She seeks a playmate with whom she can engage in a game. She explores everything to see how she might play with it. There is freedom her movement – she has no time to care what anyone thinks of her because she is having too much fun on her own!

**How Does She Look out in the World?**

She wears clothing that makes her feel celebratory and free – clothing that proclaims that she is happy to be alive. She wears colors and textures that delight her body and accessories for playful interaction like ruffles, fringe or pom poms. She might wear sporty clothes and high tops or tennis shoes that allow her to run, jump and hop. She loves anything that brings a smile to her body.

**Associated Emotions**

Joy, Play, Celebration, Freedom, Ecstasy, Happiness

**Examples of Public Figures**

Farrah Fawcett, Whoopie Goldberg, Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, Kevin Hart, Rebel Wilson, Donald Glover, Cameron Diaz, Chris Pratt, Will Smith, Chris Farley, Lisa Kudrow, Ryan Reynolds, Miley Cyrus

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