*By Sheila Kelley*

Welcome to steamy, sweltering August you hot thing. This month S Factor is exploring the Lustful Lover Erotic Creature Icon.

We are devoting this month to the sexy hedonist inside each woman. We have all 10 Erotic Creature Icons in our body – core biological emotions that serve the purpose of getting us what we need to survive in life. Check out the icons we’ve met so far in the Blog section of our website and over the next few months we will meet all 10.

Who is the Lustful Lover? She is the Erotic Creature that comes from the core body emotion of lust – we’re talking about pure pleasure, hunger, insatiability, craving, indulgence…

Why do you need her? You need to cultivate the Lustful Lover because she will bring you arousal! She is the pinnacle of physical pleasure. She will bring sexual experiences into your life in a big way and will fill you with sensual pleasure, using anything or anyone at her disposal. Not to mention that pleasure releases mood-elevating neurotransmitters endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin into the body. She will bring you ecstasy, body satisfaction and gratification.

How can you find her? Start by finding clothing, textures, scents, sounds, songs that bring out your Lustful Lover. The Lustful Lover is all about the senses – try eating a piece of fruit in slow motion and savoring it with each sense – the scent, the juicy texture, the sweetness on your tongue.. Maybe slipping into a silk garment that slides up and down your skin as you walk will bring out your Lustful Lover, or maybe a massage with aromatic oils does it for you. Music is another powerful way to access your emotional body and Erotic Creature Icons – start searching for your Lustful Lover song.. A song that you want to make love to, that makes your body writhe with pleasure. Watch my video below to hear more about the Lustful Lover and how I am channeling her in my own life. Share your Lustful Lover song with me with me in the comments section below the video!

With Lust and Love,

XO Sheila

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