*Hey ;) I’m a Naughty Provocateur.*

I’m the quintessential bad girl. Nobody tells me what to do. Censorship is my enemy – I will simply do the opposite. I delight in finding and pushing your buttons. I’ll find your boundaries and push those too. I’m an individual. I live outside the box – give me a set of rules and I’ll laugh while breaking each one of them. Don’t tell me that anything is impossible because I do whatever I want, and I do it my way. I thrive on attention and I love to shock and taunt with my uninhibited behavior. I’ve always got a trick up my sleeve and I will take you on a wild ride, guaranteed. I am irreverent, disobedient, mischievous and intoxicating.

**How Does She Present in the Body?**

She is sexually overt, moving in such a way to get a rise out of whomever she’s with. It’s never clear what she might do next to cause a scene or get a reaction out of her audience. She is unpredictable and provocative, hunting the room for a rule or limit that she can test. She moves her body in all the ways that a lady “shouldn’t” with a mirthful smirk on her face. She makes a mess looking for potential ‘punishment’ for her behavior… such as a spanking!

**How Does She Look out in the World?**

The Naughty Provocateur wears clothing accessories that openly flaunt her sexuality. She dresses such that you cannot ignore her; leg ties, fishnet stocking, bright colors, loud patterns, glow in the dark, shiny vinyl – anything that turns heads. Sometimes she likes extra props, such as a whip to taunt (not to hurt), a lollipop to suck, handcuffs to flaunt or a candy necklace to bite.

**Associated Emotions**

Shame and Rebellion

**Examples of Public Figures**

Harley Quinn, The Joker, Nicki Minaj, Prince, Jenny McCarthy, Miley Cyrus, Keith Flint, Axel Rose, Sid Vicious, Iggy Pop

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