If you’ve ever been curious about what really happens at S Factor, SK Live is for you. 

SK Live is all about YOU! All Backgrounds, Abilities and Levels Welcome

SK Live is the only time new and returning women together can learn directly from Sheila Kelley without any previous experience, or participating in the movement practice. This is about returning to your body. It’s a reclamation and an investment in yourself. Even mothers and daughters come to SKL! We have special buy-one-get-one deals this year so grab a girlfriend and join us.

It’s Your Body. Learn to Love It

SK Live is designed to show you the pathway back to full body ownership. Because the state of your body is the state of your life. We have endured a lifetime of conditioning to ignore, repress or abuse our bodies. It’s not our fault but women, it takes a toll. During SK Live you’ll witness how emotion moves freely through the awakened female body, leading to vitality and freeing us of chronic pain and suffering. 

Community, Community, Community

For too long women have been indoctrinated into a masculine world,  a world where we compete against one another, rather than support each other. SK Live shows you how to break through that reality and create a whole new experience of our relationships . The magic of SK Live is that Sheila is inviting you to join her around the feminine campfire – a place where  women are present and supportive of themselves and one another, a place we desperately crave. 

You are Perfect, Just As You Are

There is no preparation needed to attend this event. You don’t need to work out, study up or buy anything new. Just come in comfortable clothes with a willing heart and an open mind. Your body will thank you as she learns how to take the lead.

You Deserve It.

Stop putting your life on hold and putting what you need behind the needs of others. SK Live helps you tap into the genius that is locked away in our bodies, and when you do that your entire life transforms. We’re here to support you on that journey. 


Sheila Kelley LIVE!
Nov 9 & 10, 2019
Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach
Orange County, CA