You’ve been burned by love.

Maybe once or twice, or perhaps too many times to count. Or maybe because it has been elusive.  And over time, you’ve probably created creative ways to protect yourself from love. These blocks start in the body.

So, what’s the risk in love? What’s the risk in not experiencing love? When we shut down around love, a huge part of our lives – our bodies – shuts down.

As S Factor Founder Sheila Kelley explains it, “As women, we have learned to stifle our emotions. That stifled emotion doesn’t just disappear; it goes back into the body and becomes tension, aches and rigidity. It hurts.”

You may not even recognize these body experiences as blocks to love. You love others, therefore you obviously “know” love. But the love we have come to know as women is how to love and care for others. And that type of love — love that focuses on others but ignores our own needs and emotions — can bring its own heartache.

We become physiologically programmed around this heartache when we stifle the flow of emotion for too long.

In our Posture: We stop standing up straight, our shoulders rolling forward to protect our heart. 

In our Expression: We laugh just a little bit less and scowl a little bit more. The muscles in our face learn this patterning, as do the muscles in the body. 

In our Body Language: We cross our arms over our chest more when communicating with others, literally blocking our hearts from the world.

Does your body hurt? Does she ache in places that seem to elude you? Is there a disappointment or unmet desire that is longing to be fully expressed?

It’s natural for anyone who’s been burned to protect their wounds. And yet, we also know this is no way to live. Because you, goddess, you deserve the fullest, most pleasurable life. And the only way to move these emotional blocks is by literally getting into motion.

At S, we teach you how to free up those frozen places in the body to get the energy moving and maybe even the tears flowing. We help you release old stories and stifled emotions. When practicing S, you learn emotional fluidity, freeing your body to flow into her full, feminine potential.

We celebrate your growth and nurture your transformation. We move through the ache with you, reconnecting you with those deep-in-the-body emotions that have waited for a release. S Factor is a practice and a program that taps into where the body, mind, and soul meet to reveal that self love and body love allows us to experience the deeper joys of everyday love.


Ready to Reclaim Your Heart?

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