The Healthy Shy Reluctant Enigma

Private, Mysterious, Captivating
Because she is so private, that which she does share shines very bright out from the shadows. Her desire is very powerful because it has to overcome her fear. She is shy and vulnerable but equally strong. Like an elite club, you must earn your way into this icon’s magical inner world. She is hard to win over but once you gain her trust she is glorious and arresting in her sexual honesty.

The Unhealthy Shy Reluctant Enigma

Isolated, Invisible, Frozen
She is paralyzed – sometimes even her musculature is frozen – and she cannot make her way toward her desire. Instead she hides from what she wants (sometimes behind the mask of other icons). She might even flee from love, rejecting and moving further from what she needs rather than moving towards it.

Shy Reluctant Homework

Is your Shy Reluctant Enigma unhealthy? Do one thing today that scares you. Sit with the vulnerability of your fear – do not deny or hide the fear, but embrace, accept and love the emotion as it comes up.