What is a woman in lust?

2019, the year of The Woman on Fire is officially underway. As you work towards your resolutions, are you remembering to make time for pleasure? How many of your resolutions involve the most primal, sensual, emotion in the body – lust?

A woman in lust nurtures her right to leisure, luxury, relaxation and unlimited sensual pleasure. She revels in the experience of living in a human body surrounded by a magical world of vibrations and sensations.

As February begins we invite you to devote this month to your feminine pleasure. What does your body desire? How does she ask for what she desires? Do you give her what she desires? Which textures, sensations, scents, flavors, sights and sounds make your whole body tingle with sensual delight?

Five Senses Date: 

Make time for an evening of lust once, twice, three times or more this month. For each of your five senses, chose an experience that brings your body ultimate pleasure. Perhaps it’s cashmere for touch, honey rose chocolate for taste, sweet pine incense for scent, the sight of a sparkling fire in the fireplace and the sound of Massive Attack on the radio.. What comprises your perfect lustful quintet?

Women deserve pleasure. Light up the women in your life by spreading the lust – share your sensual experience with friends and inspire them to give themselves the same.

As you enliven your sensuality, you give us all permission to do the same.

XO S Factor