Set Your Soul on Fire. 

As we say goodbye to 2018, The Year of the Feminine, we find ourselves stronger, more determined and resolved. We are ready to seize the life we deserve to live and to fully and completely take up space – in our body, our skin, our families, our workplaces and in the world. We ignite to burn away all that no longer serves us and to lay claim to all that could be ours. Join us in 2019 as a Woman on Fire.

What is a woman on fire? She is a woman who no longer makes excuses. A woman who is a great defender of the feminine. A woman who leads a sensual, rich, joyous and pleasure-filled life. A woman who radiates truth and power from her core. She shines so bright that she lights the fire in those around her.

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You cannot do this on your own. We need community. We need sisterhood. We must light each other up and stoke the flames of the Feminine Campfire. So radiate wide and far this 2019 – because as you rise, we all rise.

XO S Factor