If you haven’t taken a pole dance class, you probably know someone who has. Pole has become massively popular in the realm of women’s dance classes, and there are so many different types of pole classes that can either make or break your experience.

So, why S Factor?

S Factor is the ORIGINAL feminine movement studio

Here in LA, S Factor started it all.

Yes, S Factor strutted its way into the feminine fitness scene in 9-inch heels, bringing with it a deep appreciation for the feminine body and sensual self-expression. The soulful, empowering, safe and loving space S Factor created for pole started a pole revolution, and S Factor continues to lead this movement today at retreats and all over the world.

More than just a pole dance class!

S Factor has classes for everyone at every level. From the introductory teaser classes to the beginner classes, the technique classes, the meditation, the workout classes, and the pure dance classes, S Factor has it all. You’ll be climbing, inverting, lap dancing, strip teasing in no time at all.

The “No Mirror” revolution.

S Factor is leading a ‘no mirror’ revolution. In the S Factor studios, there are no mirrors. Yes, you heard me! S Factor believes that when you feel good, you look good. Students use their sensuality as a compass to guide them through their movement… and from there, the beauty unfolds!

Sisterhood and Community in every pole dance class

As women, we crave the company of other women the way flowers crave sunlight – in a great community of women you are nourished, you flourish, and beautiful things bloom.
You will find the sisterhood you have been looking for at an S Factor pole dance class. S Factor’s students cultivate a deep love and appreciation for each other, generating powerful networks from which women rise up (both inside and outside of the classroom).

S Factor stands for sensuality, radiance, and an experience that is fiercely feminine.

What do I mean by that? S Factor is unlike any other women’s dance classes in that it doesn’t teach you “how to be sexy”. Instead, S Factor encourages you to redefine sexy and to live your truth in every move you make – we call this being fiercely feminine and it will leave you glowing long after you leave the classroom.

S Factor celebrates YOU in every pole dance class, every time

S Factor is the opposite of stage lights and show time. It’s a deeply sensual and often therapeutic practice that leaves students feeling radiant and powerful. In a typical class, expect to be cheered, acknowledged, and given the space you need to express yourself. Generally speaking, you’ll be made to feel like a Queen (and of course you are).

Women’s fitness class meets indulgent boudoir

An S Factor pole dance class can often feel like a secret and sensual paradise. At S, the curtains are closed, deep red lights flood the room, and your instructor leads you with a sizzling range of spoken cues – and a killer playlist.

Nothing says pole dancing like good music

Ever felt your whole body respond to a song? Your chest pushes forward, your hips begin to rotate, and your lips curl into a smile? The soulful, sexy, and sometimes naughty beats at S Factor are guaranteed to tune you in and turn you on. Each teacher is well trained in creating playlists for every occasion, so expect to be tantalized by sound over and over again.

You’ll be toned, fit, and flexible!

It’s no lie that a pole dance class will get you fit and toned quicker than you can say “watch this!” Pole dancing accesses a new range of muscles and engages your core from the moment you begin. The best is that at S Factor you will hardly realize you’re working out because you’re having so much fun!

Begin your pole dance class with meditation

S Factor dance classes always begin with guided meditation, and it is this space of deep connection to self that sets the tone for the whole experience. Truly, the S Factor pole dancing experience is unlike anything else out there.

Want to see what an S Factor class is like in person? Come try us out! Book your first class with us here!