The Healthy Ice Queen

Proud, Elegant, Confident

She is the quintessential sexual icon that everyone wants and no one can have. She exudes sexual confidence and superiority. Her standards are lofty – she knows she deserves only the best. By elevating and rising above she defends you from unhealthy influences; poor mates, poisonous food, untrustworthy friends and toxic environments.

The Unhealthy Ice Queen

Cold, Exclusive, Aloof

She is cold and hard and refuses to melt – she freezes. She becomes stuck in ego and grandiosity and literally nothing / no one is good enough for her. Dismissive and exclusive, she isolates by not allowing others’ energy into her space.

Ice Queen Homework

Does your Ice Queen need time on the stage? Set aside a day for her this month. Mark the date on the schedule, send yourself an elegant e-vite. The Ice Queen is the boundary police – say NO to every other invitation you receive for this day. On this date with your Ice Queen only the best will do. Wear your finest, most elegant clothing (don’t forget the heels, big sunglasses and sun hat) and take yourself out to a fancy lunch or high tea. You are royalty; walk, talk and act like it. Though you may be kind, practice not smiling unless you really mean it.