The Healthy Champion

Brave, Grounded, Determined, Humble, Selfless

She is strong yet surrendered, powerful yet compassionate. She has been through thick and thin and emerged with great grace, power and confidence. She freely experiences all other emotions and has moved into a place of conviction and resolution. She is devoted to something larger than herself.

The Unhealthy Champion

Rigid, Autocratic, Domineering, Bully, Lonely

She will push her body beyond its capacity in an attempt to do everything right.
She is not trusting: she is lonely because she does not surrender or receive.
She quiets the other icons, needing to “fix” all the other emotional energy in the body.

Champion Homework

Give. Give to something greater than yourself. Donate money or time to those less fortunate than you. Rescue an animal. Write a letter or get involved in a cause that needs momentum. Set a goal that challenges you and do it (ex. A challenging hike, conversation or personal project).