The Healthy Deep Soulful Siren

Deep, Magnetic, Authentic, Empathetic, Yearning, Surrendered
She is honest and raw, seeking truth and intimacy. She is a deep well of emotion and has embraced her sadness and depth which is profoundly attractive. Her depth and soul is her magnetism. With her wise, empathetic gaze, the DSS seeks soul-level connection. She surrenders to the waves of life, feeling everything, and her surrender is arresting.

The Unhealthy Deep Soulful Siren

Collapsed, Victim, Mortally Wounded, Dramatic, Depressed
“Woe is me”; she drowns in her own tears, collapsed in self pity and unable to move forward. When she believes that her pain is abnormal she falls victim to it and gives in to her injuries. If she does not cauterize the wound, she will bleed out.

Deep Soulful Siren Homework

To access your healthy DSS, put on your favorite soulful, aching music and write a letter to somebody you love dearly. Explore the deepest depths of your feelings for this person and let it all flow out onto the page.