The Healthy Lustful Lover

Sensual, Indulgent, Hedonistic

The healthy Lustful Lover is pure sexual appetite. She seeks and finds pleasure and in the experience of everyday life – her thighs rubbing together, the feel of her hair on her neck, the scent of jasmine on the sidewalk, the taste of chocolate.. She is simple – she desires body bliss and satisfaction – with herself or a lover.

The Unhealthy Lustful Lover

Overindulgent, Addictive, Indiscriminate

She is indiscriminate and will take what she can get here and now rather than having the discipline to get where she really wants to be. She is overindulgent – when her erotic energy is shut down, she will sublimate by overeating, overspending, drinking too much, smoking for instant gratification.

Lustful Lover Homework

Does your Lustful Lover need to be fed? Take yourself out on a Lust Date. Schedule a night out at your favorite restaurant. Wear your most luxuriously-textured outfit and order your favorite dish, dessert and wine. When you go home, turn off your phone, on your favorite, sexiest music and draw yourself a bath with your favorite scents. Attend to every sensual detail!