The Healthy Joyful Playmate

Playful, Wild, Free, Adventurous
She is like a one woman party! She seeks exploration, entertainment, celebration, adventure and freedom. Always looking for a way to engage you or make you laugh – she loves to interact, play and connect. If joy is an emotion that you connect to erotically, your Joyful Playmate exudes sexual ecstasy and radiates light. Sex with her is FUN!

The Unhealthy Joyful Playmate

Avoidant, Shallow, Hyperactive
She is the party animal who can’t slow down to connect – she uses constant activity as a distraction from her truth. She overshadows the darker emotions because she believes they don’t bring her joy. As a result she doesn’t let conversations play out fully because she is only interested in play. 

Joyful Playmate Homework

Is your Joyful Playmate unhealthy? Find a way to make your body bounce – look for a fun and silly dance instructional video on youtube and do it at home or with friends! Let your hair down and take off your shoes. Can you laugh at yourself when you miss a step?