The Healthy Naughty Provocateur

Rebellious, Individualistic, Bold
The Naughty Provocateur gets a kick from rebelling against societally induced shame. When healthy, she pushes boundaries and questions and crosses unnecessary limitations. She lives to challenge the status quo and to boldly asserts her blatant individuality. She is irreverent, mischievous, defiant and intoxicating.

The Unhealthy Naughty Provocateur

Performative, Irreverent, Inflammatory
When the Naughty Provocateur is unhealthy, she crosses limits without awareness. Her boundaries are unhealthy and she does not modulate: she invites danger with overt or performative sexuality, provoking in unsafe places. She masquerades instead of listening and responding to pleasure.


Naughty Provocateur Homework

To access your healthy NP, playfully break the rules that unnecessarily restrict or censor you. For example – break all the fashion rules you can today! Wear clashing colors or patterns, let a brightly colored bra peak out of your top, wear big statement jewelry or even two mismatched shoes.