Erotic Creature Icons: The Innocent Teaser

by Sheila 14. April 2017 07:34
At S Factor we work with 10 Erotic Creature Icons based around the 10 core emotions in our body. We each have all of them - they serve as biological fuel to get what we need to survive. Over the next ten months, we will meet all 10 icons and for the month of April we are exploring the Innocent Tease... [More]

The Erotic Creature Icons

by Sheila 29. March 2017 21:31
Hey Erotic Creature! Yes YOU. You are an Erotic Creature. I am an Erotic Creature. This week I want to tell you about what makes you an Erotic Creature: your body’s unique, authentic erotic emotional personality. Today I want to introduce you to the 5 light Erotic Creature Icons, and next week... [More]

What is Your Erotic Essence?

by Sheila 8. March 2017 22:58
Do you know that you are an Erotic Creature with your own unique Erotic Essence? Your Erotic Creature is simply your feminine body and your Erotic Essence is your unique brand of eroticism. I want to help you discover your Erotic Essence by exploring the Erotic Creature Icons with you.   Over... [More]


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